What’s stopping you? Just start!

I want to design. I love it! I think about it all the time! It’s become a passion of mine! I’m inspired by so many professional designers and friends who get to design for a living every day! BUT… how do I start? Well, I don’t exactly know. I know I’ve watched many around me take different paths to find their way into the design world. None of them seem to be the right one for me right now. But I believe that doing nothing as I wait for my perfect “in” will get me nowhere. So, until God makes clear my path, I am going to write and research and daydream and share all of it! That alone, the sharing part, takes me out of my comfort zone. My fear is that you won’t care, or you won’t like my ideas, or you will discover along with me that I don’t have what it takes! Yikes! I shutter at that thought of being vulnerable, then being rejected or failing in front of you. But even though my path into the design world is a total fog to me, the step right in front of me is perfectly clear. Step One… Put yourself out there. Trust God to do something amazing! So… I’m gonna… and it’s so exciting for me! Stay tuned… if you want to!