About Me


Hi! I’m Kimberly Hill. I am an enthusiastic learner of all things design, dance and art. There is something deep within me that begs to be projected into the world I live.  It wants to create and make life beautiful.  And I’m starting this blog as a way to finally acknowledge that and begin to hone that creativity in a practical way.  It’s really the first time that I am recognizing this entirely other side of myself.  It’s kinda scary…  It feels like a departure from how I’ve approached life thus far.  I appreciate the way I was raised… to be an independent Jackson woman (Jackson is my maiden name… AND my middle son’s first name!).  I can hear my dad saying it to me as I type. I always interpreted this very practically and conservatively.  I graduated from Texas A&M with a psychology degree with visions of following in my father’s footsteps by pursuing my PhD and becoming a clinical psychologist, then promptly turned it into a business profession because that seemed most practical and translatable as I entered the adult world as a newly married graduate.

So began my Human Resource profession.  I worked as an HR professional and manager for about a decade.  In that time my husband and I became parents to two amazing boys.  I was a corporate working woman and proud of it!  But, then something crazy happened.  God called me to stay home with my kids.  It was a totally foreign concept to me.  Many of my friends and acquaintances had grown up knowing they would stay home.  Not me.  I was going to work. Contribute.  But then one day that all changed.  After about a year of fighting that calling, Ryan and I finally realized it was the path we needed to follow.  Of course, my heart had softened to the idea and I became so excited!  I don’t claim to be particularly good at staying home.  I’m not terribly domestic, although I LOVE the idea of a clean, organized home and a home cooked meal.  I manage those things on occasion, but for the most part, we live in a whirlwind, baseball filled life that is tons of fun, but also messy and very busy.  AND then to make it all the more crazy, we added one more amazing boy into our mix.  So my three boys now span a decade in age differences!  It really is the best!

But all that leads me to here.  Wanting to recognize this side of myself that longs to be known.  This blog will be the starting point in finding out who I am as a creative person. I hope to be able to learn quite a bit about myself, and maybe inspire others as I share where I am with things… Just as others have inspired me as they’ve shared their journeys!  This should be fun!